October 1, 2018

Tips for Getting Quality SEO on a Small Budget

Nowadays having an SEO optimized website is essential for all the companies where they can have their digital presence available for everyone. So in order to maintain SEO optimized website, most of the companies actually invest a lot of money so that their presence is almost definitely not outnumbered by the competitors.

It definitely makes sense to spend and allocate budget to achieve the digital presence but what about the case of start-up companies or small scaled companies where their budget is limited or they are on a tight budget. Well, it is still can be achieved by doing a few basics principles and this will do the magic for you. In this article, we will understand the different ways that can be used to achieve SEO optimization.

Manage your keywords carefully:

The content is an integral part of the code where the SEO optimization is done by using appropriate keywords. Without this activity, your website is not optimized at all. So investing in keywords listing is definitely a good choice.

Also, completely don’t rely on targeted keywords because the same keywords might have been used by several other websites as well. So start using real search phrases where the keywords are embedded into the content.

If your business is local then it makes sense to optimize your website with the local keyword terminology which will drive quality traffic to your website.

Managing your Title and Title Tags:

For every article or the content that is published online has a title associated with it. The title and the title tags are critical aspects when it comes to website ranking. The title name is critical and it will determine whether the user is attracted or not. Most of the titles should be catchy and it should be an open-end question which will ultimately create an anxiety for the user to read more about it.

Few more tips on the same lines:

  1. The title name cannot be too long or too short. The title name should portray the entire meaning of the article.
  2. Don’t use irrelevant title formats which are not in line with your article content. Be specific about the content that you have in place.
  3. Use free title generator tools, it will help you frame a base title name and you can modify according to your needs.

Most of these tools have a free version, so try it out and see how helpful the tool is and then only look for a paid version. This will help you save money end of the day.

Image optimization:

Image optimization is one of the integral parts of any website. The images that are used within the website should have their own ALT tags, Image tags, and file names. Having all of these elements together will help the page rank higher.

Also, please make sure that the images are completely optimized and compressed so that the web pages are loaded quickly.  They are a lot of tools available online where you can compress your images to an extent where the size of the image file can be reduced to the lowest size possible.


Having more backlinks will definitely help you to build quality traffic to your website. This will eventually improve your website ranking and also provide rich content information for the user.

So if you are running low on the budget or have a very limited budget then you can still achieve SEO optimization by following simple basic principles.

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