October 22, 2018

Learn how SEO brings organic traffic to the website

Garnering organic traffic is no cake walk. There is no quick fix to get sustainable organic traffic to the website or blog. While it is a demanding job and will take a lot of time and effort it is worth all the effort. If you are looking for instant gratification then SEO is not for you.

SEO is the only sure shot way to get organic traffic and the ROI proves to be higher as the time passes. When it comes to garnering more organic traffic, Whitehat SEO is the perfect way to stay on top of traffic that is sustainable. Let us dive a little deeper to understand how SEO brings organic traffic:

Organic traffic with content optimization

The intent of creating content is not to fill the website pages or blogs. Having valuable content that renders value to its readers and that is the reason behind the search engines ranking a good content website higher.

When you publish unique and information packed content, it actually acts as a marketing strategy where the content ranks higher for relevant keywords.

With search engines becoming smarter, they are able to weigh the content you have posted. If the content is good it is ranked higher and that is how the organic traffic reaches the website or blog.

Using long tail key phrases

Primary keywords have higher search volumes and the competition is peak every passing second. Instead of sticking to adding three to four phases of keywords switch to long tail key phrases. This will narrow down your content ranking to specific keywords that are more relevant and will lure potential leads to your website that are more convertible as the traffic will be less.

Long-tail key phrases are likely to be closer to what a search engine user would be typing in for the search box. Thus the long tail keywords have lesser competition and higher relevancy.

Guest Blog

Guest blogging is a purely genuine way to earn links that are valuable to your website. Publishing your content on a high authority website is a perfect way to garner more eyeballs. Make sure you post quality content on these websites and expose it the way you expose your own blog on social media and all.

Engage with the readers by answering their comments and all. Also, some of the link building aspects that need to be considered are:

  • Create Contextual links
  • Get links from detailed articles
  • Create dofollow links for organic growth as they weigh a lot from SEO perspective
  • Get links from only authority websites that can be trusted

Create powerful internal linking

Like what was said at the beginning, you need to work strategically and create powerful link building that is internal to blog or the website. Once a page is ranked higher in the search engine, you can internally link to other pages and embrace the SEO aspects of the first pages. There is no shortcut to it all you need to make sure is you just keep good links and keep removing the bad ones periodically.


Hard work always returns the best results. SEO is hard work but the result at the end is sweeter than expected. If you are serious about improving the website organic traffic you need to identify the niche for content, understand good and bad backlinks, know your keywords and last of all you need to consistently implement all of it to create an organic reach over your competitor.

The most important task is to closely monitor what SEO technique is bringing you more organic traffic. Once it is identified keep implementing it consistently to set results that are organic and gigantic.

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